DCH Health System has hired former Alabama Court of Civil Appeals Judge Scott Donaldson as its general counsel.

DCH Health System has hired former Alabama Court of Civil Appeals Judge Scott Donaldson as its general counsel.

Donaldson has had a respected career in the Alabama legal system, serving as a judge in the courts of first instance and appeals for nearly 18 years, including eight years as a judge in the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals. As a judge and attorney, he has participated in hundreds of court trials and at least 160 jury trials.

He will join DCH Health System as General Counsel on September 5, 2023.

DCH Health System President and CEO Katrina Kiefer said: “Having someone like Judge Donaldson join our team reflects our growing reputation within the medical community, as I could have worked anywhere I wanted after he left the bench. We couldn’t be happier that you chose to join us.”

Mr. Donaldson will oversee the system’s legal matters, including contracts, medical staff qualification and peer review, regulatory compliance, and board advisory.

“Patient caregivers, physicians and other health care professionals in the DCH health system are doing an extraordinary job day and night to care for the people of Tuscaloosa County and the West Alabama region,” said Scott Donaldson. Stated. “DCH President and CEO Katrina Her Kiefer has assembled an experienced, hardworking and dedicated management team to support the mission of the service. She is thrilled to be a part of that team. .”

Prior to becoming a judge, Mr. Donaldson served as legal counsel for hospitals, including medical staff and the DCH healthcare system, for more than a decade. During that time, he worked regularly with his DCH administrators, health care providers, and health system employees. These efforts include the many responsibilities that will be part of his new role at DCH, such as drafting contracts and other documents, providing legal services to medical staff boards, and advising on medical issues, including regulatory compliance. It is

“Judge Donaldson already knows and understands us. He knows DCH Health System. He knows our human resources. He knows healthcare. He knows the law, and that experience has made Scott an excellent candidate for the position of General Counsel, making him a quick start from day one,” said Kiefer.

In parallel with his full-time legal practice, Donaldson also taught at the University of Alabama Law School from 2006-2022. He has also taught and served in other areas, including a Business Law class for several years at the University’s College of Commerce. management.

Donaldson holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administration from the University of Alabama. He graduated with honors from the Cumberland School of Law with a Juris Doctor degree and is a member of the Curia Honoris Honorary Society. Scott continues to be a sought-after speaker at judicial and legal seminars around the country.

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