SC Biz News is once again honoring changemakers in the healthcare industry with its Healthcare Heroes Awards, but with a twist. This year’s award is the first statewide honor.

This certification program recognizes individuals who have gone above and beyond to make South Carolina a healthier, safer, and happier place to live and work.

The 2023 class of Healthcare Heroes represent diverse talent, expertise, and a commitment to excellence in the never-ending pursuit of helping others.

Click here to access the nomination form.

This year’s awards ceremony will be held on December 7 at 5pm at the Doubletree Hotel Columbia.

In 2023, we will recognize medical heroes in the following categories:

  • community service: Individuals who have gone above and beyond to contribute to their communities by providing essential medical support and promoting good health.
  • first responder: Courageous individuals who act as the first line of defense, respond quickly and selflessly to emergencies, and provide critical medical care when time counts.
  • physician; health care worker: Dedicated professionals who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to providing compassionate and comprehensive medical care, ensuring patient well-being with expertise and empathy.
  • healthcare researcher: Visionary researchers who tirelessly explore new frontiers of medical knowledge, conducting groundbreaking research to deepen our understanding and find innovative solutions to improve the state of our health. us.
  • nurse: Caring caregivers who demonstrate exceptional skills, empathy, and resilience to provide critical support and comfort to patients and their families throughout the course of care.
  • doctor: Highly skilled healthcare professionals who combine expertise, clinical understanding and compassionate care to diagnose, treat and cure patients and represent the pinnacle of medical excellence.
  • Service Animal/Therapy Animal: Four-legged companions who bring immeasurable joy, comfort and therapeutic effect to patients and provide comfort and support to the medical field with their loving presence.
  • volunteer: Selfless individuals who generously donate their time, skills and compassion to support healthcare institutions and make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.
  • future medical leaders: Aspiring medical students who demonstrate outstanding potential and leadership qualities and embody the future of healthcare through a dedication to learning, innovation and service.
  • mentor of the year: Inspirational educators who act as mentors, imparting wisdom and expertise to shape the next generation of medical professionals, impacting the careers and lives of their students.
  • inspiring education awards: An outstanding educator who ignites a passion for healthcare and uses innovative teaching methods and an unwavering commitment to inspire and empower students to become caring and knowledgeable healthcare professionals.

Please contact Jason at 864-568-7570.

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