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The Nursing Training Program Coordinating Center (NRPCC) is committed to providing nursing training program directors with the education, resources, and support to develop confident, compassionate nurses for veterans and their families nationwide. This program supports nurse trainees working together in a cross-professional model to take pride in providing nursing excellence to the men and women in uniform who have contributed to the security and freedom of our country. It offers an opportunity to continue a high tradition.

NRPCC provides on-site operational and programmatic support to ensure that Academic Associates Authority (OAA) and accreditation requirements are met. The Collegiate Commission on Nursing Education (CCNE) accreditation standards for nursing training programs are utilized to ensure the quality and integrity of the curriculum, teaching practices, and overall program performance. The goal is to provide training programs with effective resources, efficient tools and ongoing support to enable the structure and growth of individual training programs.

The Office of Academic Affiliations pioneered and currently supports NRPCC, Post-Baccalaureate Certified Nurse Training Programs, and Nurse Training Programs, including specialized courses in primary care, mental health, geriatrics and extended care. Masu.

Post-Baccalaureate Certified Nurse Residency Program (PB-RNR):

Nursing training programs include didactic and didactic clinical experience. These experiences focus on developing effective decision-making skills, incorporating evidence into practice, supporting clinical leadership at the point of care, promoting lifelong learning and resilience, and providing competent graduate nurses with Designed to provide an opportunity for an effective transition to professional nursing. Nursing practice. Practice collaboratively in an interprofessional model to gain an integrated perspective of the nursing and veteran health care systems.


The mission of the PB-RNR program is to recruit, support and retain nurses through professional nurse growth and development. We support people who are passionate and dedicated to providing quality, comprehensive healthcare to America’s veterans. The PB-RNR program provides a structured learning environment that supports and facilitates the transition from novice RN to competent RN.

Program benefits:

  • Valuable experience in developing and growing RN skills and knowledge alongside professional colleagues.
  • Comprehensive benefits package including annual benefits and paid vacation, sick leave, paid vacation and health benefits
  • No need for weekends or night shifts!
  • structured mentoring opportunities
  • Strengthen your clinical and leadership skills in a variety of clinical settings
  • Understanding Continuity of Care Across the Health System
    A practice environment centered on veterans who value those who have helped them

Nurse training program:

The Nursing Practitioner Training Program is for recent graduates, licensed, and board-certified nursing practitioners interested in a challenging career caring for our nation’s veterans and their unique medical needs. The goal of the NP training program is to provide new NPs with a foundation of practice that incorporates scientific knowledge, clinical expertise and professionalism. This prescriptive training program focuses on developing interdisciplinary collaboration and leadership skills in a dynamic and complex healthcare environment.

There are currently three NP tracks available:

  • Primary Care NP
  • mental health NP
  • Geriatrics and Extended Medicine NP


The mission of the NPR program is to prepare new NPs to work as independent practitioners within the VA healthcare system. The program accelerates trainees’ development beyond entry-level expertise in patient-centered care and operational services and equips them with additional leadership skills that can be applied to address the complex needs of veterans in any practice setting. can be developed.


  • Comprehensive benefits package including annual benefits and paid leave, sick leave, paid leave and health benefits.
  • structured mentoring opportunities
  • active and ongoing professional development,
  • Strengthen your clinical and leadership skills in a variety of clinical settings
  • A practice environment centered on veterans who value those who have helped them
  • A gateway to an exciting and rewarding career caring for our nation’s veterans

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