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The Reporting and Records Divisions of the Georgia Institute of Public Health in Decatur and Waycross perform three important functions:

  • Produce clinical laboratory results reports in electronic and paper formats.
  • Maintenance of inspection records and statistical data.
  • Provide customer service to clinicians, hospitals and public health authorities regarding test results.

Each GPHL site produces its own laboratory report. Questions about the report should be directed to the location where the test was conducted.

The Decatur Institute’s Reporting and Recording Unit reports test results for most tests performed at this location. To inquire about the status of a particular specimen, please contact the Reporting and Records Division at 404-321-2241. If a test has not been completed and reported, or if you have a technical question regarding the test, you will be contacted by phone with the testing department for further information.

Note: Test results will only be provided to authorized submitters on record. Results may not be released to patients or other healthcare providers other than the original submitter, with or without the patient’s permission.

Laboratory records are retained by the Georgia Institute of Public Health for 2 years and then destroyed. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires paper records to be cross-cut and shredded for complete privacy. Electronic records will be erased from. Rims.

For additional information regarding reports and records, please contact:

  • Decatur Institute: 404-321-2241
  • Waycross Institute: 912-338-7050

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