SCL Health Hospital renamed after Intermountain Health merger

Brighton, Colorado — Eight hospitals and more than 40 clinics across Colorado and Montana will get a new look over the next few months.

Colorado-based SCL Health and Utah-based Intermountain Healthcare have reached a merger milestone that will be completed in 2022. A billboard for Colorado’s first medical facility, bearing the system’s new brand name and Intermountain Health, was unveiled Wednesday.

In the coming months, eight hospitals and more than 40 clinics in Colorado and Montana will have dark blue signs featuring Intermountain Health’s coral and fuchsia logo.

Intermountain Health said Dark Blue respects the organization’s tradition of being a medical partner for patients. The logo’s coral and fuchsia combination is inspired by the natural environment of the western United States.

As new signs are installed at each point of care, new names will be introduced such as:

  • The Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette will become the Intermountain Health Good Samaritan Hospital on the Good Samaritan Medical Campus.
  • Wheatridge Lutheran Medical Center becomes Intermountain Health Lutheran Hospital.
  • Brighton’s Platte Valley Medical Center will become Intermountain Health Platte Valley Hospital within the Platte Valley Medical Campus.
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital in Denver becomes Intermountain Health St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Credit: Intermountain Health

The new Intermountain Health is headquartered in Salt Lake City with regional offices in Bloomfield and Las Vegas. The merger plans were first announced in September 2021.

This system of not-for-profit systems employs more than 59,000 caregivers and operates 33 hospitals and 385 clinics. Intermountain Healthcare has operations in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming and Kansas.

“Intermountain Health provides superior healthcare that is accessible, personalized, and delivered with an unwavering commitment,” said Mark Kors, President of Intermountain Health’s Peaks Region, which covers Colorado and Montana. said. “In launching our new brand, we bring our tradition of excellence, our relentless dedication to the care of the most vulnerable and the well-being of our patients, and celebrate and celebrate the Catholic care setting. continue.”

Founded in 1864 by the Leavenworth Charitable Sisters, SCL Health is a Catholic organization active in Colorado, Montana, and Kansas. Intermountain Health Care said SCL Health’s Catholic hospital will retain its distinctive Catholic name and continue to operate according to existing practices.

Intermountain Healthcare is a secular organization founded in Salt Lake City in 1975 and has operations in Utah, Idaho, and Nevada.

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