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LISBON — Members of the Colombiana County Health Commission celebrated Wednesday’s first meeting since the untimely death of longtime Commissioner Tom Ho.

Ho attended the July board meeting, as he had attended every month for the past 22 years.

“We have lost our fellow board member and friend Tom Ho.” Board president Sean Apple said at the beginning of the meeting, sitting next to Ho’s empty seat and nameplate. “His opinion and guidance will be missed by all.”

Ho died at his home in Wellsville on July 29 at the age of 80. He owned and operated the Center Pharmacy in Wellsville until his retirement.

After the meeting, County Health Commissioner Dr. Wes Vince said of Ho’s contribution: “Tom has always been a very supportive board member and very energetic. His experience as a pharmacist has been very helpful, especially during the recent pandemic.”

Ho had 18 months left in his most recent five-year term. He was first appointed to the board in 2001.

The Columbiana County Health District Advisory Committee, composed of township trustees and community representatives within the health district, is currently tasked with appointing a successor. The council’s next meeting will be held on September 11 at 6:00 pm at the Department of Health on Highway 45, where new directors will be appointed. Board members must reside within the district. The City of Salem and East He City of Liverpool have their own health districts.

Mr. Vins said he will miss Mr. Ho.

“Whenever I needed a consultation, he was always available. I could always reach out to Tom and expect his thoughtful opinion.” He said.

Among other duties, Environment Director Laura Faus introduced an environmental health expert to the training of Alexis Lawton, who is in charge of water sampling and reporting for health districts in East Palestine. Faus said 737 water samples have been taken since the train derailment in February, and the agency is now taking its sixth water sample from wells within the designated area.

Regarding the Eastern Palestine effort, Mr. Vince passed resolutions received from District 79 Rep. Congratulated the health district on receiving the 2023 Ohio Secretary of Health Award.

“Certainly, this remarkable institution is highly regarded as a dynamic force for positive change in the region in its response to the East Palestine train derailment, including the development and implementation of a drinking water sampling plan and the opening of temporary facilities. We have established health screening clinics and permanent clinics, advocating for community recovery and the need for a long-term private well sampling program in Washington, DC.” was written in the document.

Vince said he was really happy with the recognition.

Among other matters, the Board has approved a Board order requiring Paul and Jane Ann Bieber of Orchard Street, east of Liverpool, to clear their property of rubbish and tires.

The installer, Richard Williams, was found to differ in completing at least 6 hours of continuing education hours.

The Board also approved soliciting tenders funded through three different grants, and a second tender for a separate grant program, all related to replacement, repair, or sewerage connection of purification systems. Did.

The next Health Committee meeting is scheduled for 20 September at 4:30 pm.

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