Transforming Lives: Empowering Communities Through Maternal and Child Health Initiatives in Yemen

Amid the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in Yemen, the USAID-funded JSI-led System Health and Resiliency Project (SHARP) has made significant progress in the health emergency over the past four years. Sharp has focused on maternal and child health services in 14 districts of the Government of Aden, Taiz and Lahij, particularly in hard-to-reach areas. I was. Through a holistic health system strengthening approach tailored to Yemen’s unpredictable environment due to conflict and other disasters, this project will support community midwives, reproductive health volunteers, health care workers, facilities, schools, households, Trained and coordinated with local residents of mosques. , and other shared spaces that provide necessary medical care and support.

The results were presented at a project learning event held in Aden on August 17. The event brought together stakeholders including Dr. Salim Al-Shabahi, Deputy Minister of Population Division, Ministry of Public Health and Population, and Kimberly Bell of USAID Yemen. Kudos to our country directors and sharing their valuable insights.

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