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Years after putting things away, you might find something surprising. It happened to me just a few weeks ago. In my case it was a newspaper clipping about Moundview Health Care Center. The clipping consisted of four pages, including the cover of “The Call”. Added photos of her three owners of the new center and three pages describing the facility. This was him on August 14, 1978. Only recently did the city’s first medical center actually open.

In 1978, the cost of building the center was $2 million. The Moundview Heath Care Center was at the foot of the Hancock Park area.

Switch today to the current owner, CommuniCare. The organization is also the owner of the Cameron Health Care Center and the Brook County Wellsburg Health Care Center. The Moundsville location has a capacity of 125 beds and features both private and semi-private rooms.

Incidentally, three of the leaders at the Moundsville site are Executive Director Diane Miller, who has 15 years of leadership experience in the health center environment. Jordan Burres from Benwood. And Samantha Walters is a graduate of John Marshall High School.

Of course, let’s not forget the Cameron Heath Care Center, which officially transitioned into a Communicare Center in 2023. Cameron offers much of the same services as Moundsville, but is slightly smaller with 100 beds. Cameron’s executive director is Brooke Francis.

The Cameron Blue & Gold Christian Center will begin its “Kids Comp” on Tuesday. Camps are for elementary school students and younger. Children need to take notes for their teachers, and elementary school volunteers take them to the center.

Please call 304-686-2422 for more information.

The Cameron Senior Center will meet on August 25 at 10:30 a.m. for a covered culinary dinner.

The annual Marshall County Senior Picnic will be held on September 1st at St. Jude Park in Glendale. Lunch is served at noon. After lunch, there will be nickel bingo, as well as DJs, vendors and door prizes.

Glendale native Brad Paisley will be in West Virginia this weekend for a football scrimmage at the new Herbert Hoover High School. The opponent of the game is his alma mater John Marshall High School. Paisley first visited Herbert Hoover in 2016 after the devastating floods. Paisley was one of many donors to the relief effort.

Last Thursday was a historic day in Marshall County as it celebrated the groundbreaking of its new health department. The day was also memorable when County Commissioner Mike Ferro said in his closing remarks: Please register and be our friend above all else. Jim, I’m glad you can join us today. I wouldn’t be in the same situation without you. ”

The Health Department building and the Journal building have stood side by side for over 65 years, so I’m looking forward to seeing new facilities built on this site.

Department of Health Secretary Tom Cook welcomed everyone and thanked the Commission, local administrators and Department of Health staff for their work and dedication. He also said that the new facility will also include a training facility, creating a safe and secure working environment for all employees.

Ferro said the construction of a health ministry has been under discussion for many years.

He also said the building houses the courthouse’s long-term storage and has space for county clerks to store election supplies. He also thanked Cook and his staff, the Health Board, Betsy Fronappel, Jim Taylor and John Berry. Thanks were also expressed to the City of Moundsville for providing logistics for road and alley closures, as well as to those affected by the construction.

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