Olive oil is essential for good health.

Olive oil wins again! Want a superfood in your kitchen? Look no further than kale. Keep an eye out for blueberries. Don’t look at expensive vegetables. Convert to olive oil.

Consuming just a tablespoon of olive oil daily may keep your brain and heart intact. And delicious. Here is the latest research. This study is unique in that it analyzed the relationship between diet, death and dementia.

But let me digress a little first. A death certificate issued after someone dies (needed for things like life insurance claims) always lists the cause of death. do you think that is accurate? In fact, it’s often the best guess.

For over 45 years I have been filling these things. Why do you say it’s a guess? Someone said he was 85 years old, had diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and died overnight. No autopsy, of course.

Others are reading…

So the question is, did they die of a heart attack? Very likely. stroke? unlikely. Diabetic coma? Not at all likely.

“Aging” cannot be dismissed, it is not a diagnosis. Therefore, you should choose the most probable cause. Everyone who signs these does the same.

Whether they die in an accident, a fall, or from dementia is no guesswork. Dementia manifests itself slowly in the deceased, and obviously should be noted on the death certificate.

Now let’s get back to studying. The researchers analyzed dietary questionnaires people completed as part of a longitudinal study and death records of more than 90,000 people over 30 years. More than 4,700 death certificates listed dementia as the cause.

So get this: People who consumed a few teaspoons of olive oil daily had a whopping 28% lower risk of dying from dementia than those who ate little or no olive oil. It was. If it’s not amazing, I don’t know what’s amazing.

Let me add this to the amazing Mediterranean studies from many years ago. The study showed that people who consumed an ounce, two tablespoons, or a handful of nuts daily had a significantly reduced risk of dying from an infectious disease, perhaps 20% to 30% lower. I was. A heart attack over seven years. Therefore, it is easy to consume these foods.

Olive oil is clearly a superfood. So why does it work? According to the principal investigator, “Some antioxidant compounds found in olive oil can cross the blood-brain barrier and have direct effects on the brain. The cardiovascular health benefits of olive oil may also have an indirect impact on brain health.”

What kind of olive oil should I drink? Only extra virgin made from the first pressing of olives. It is essentially olive juice.

Regular olive oil is heated to extract and refine the oils, while extra virgin olive oil is cold-pressed to remain unrefined. Extra virgin olive oil has a stronger flavor and darker color than regular olive oil, which makes it tastier.

I keep several types of olive oil in my cabinet. you should too Some are more flavorful and tougher than others, while others are gentler.

If you love cooking like I do, you can choose your flavor. It’s like having different types of mustard in your refrigerator. Yellow mustard for hot dogs in the summer (at least I do), Dijon mustard, honey mustard for other dishes.

my spin: Incorporating olive oil into your daily routine is a nutritional way to keep your brain and heart healthy. What could be easier? Please stay healthy.

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