Ridgefield School Promotes Longtime Nurse to Head of Health

Ridgefield — Ridgefield Public Schools has appointed a new Director of Nursing, Health and Wellness.

Andre Fitzgerald, who has been a nurse at Branchville Elementary School in Ridgefield since 2006, will start her new job on August 23, the school district said in a statement.

“Although it is bittersweet to leave my family of 17 years at Branchville Elementary School, I am thrilled and honored to take on the role of Director of Nursing, Health and Wellness. I look forward to bringing my knowledge, knowledge and skills to this new position,” Fitzgerald said in a statement.

Fitzgerald has worked at RVNAHealth’s flu and COVID-19 clinics for the past few years. Prior to joining RPS, he worked at Ridgefield Pediatrics and was a teacher at Growing He Tree Nursery School in Roslyn, New York.

“This position … is an expansion of the role previously held by Mr. Aaron Crook,” Lt. Elizabeth Hanaway said in a statement.

Crook has left the district, according to Ridgefield School Superintendent Susie Da Silva. “He helped us a lot during the pandemic,” she added.

Hanaway said the position of Director of Nursing, Health and Wellness is “intended to coordinate the school’s nursing office and spearhead strong health and wellness programs for the RPS community.”

Judith Gallagher, a Veterans Park nurse, has worked with Fitzgerald for the entire 17 years of his tenure.

“I can attest to her knowledgeable nursing skills, dynamic team player qualities, and professional leadership abilities,” she said in a statement. “She is a great resource for district nurses, demonstrating positive relationships, organizational skills, a supportive personality and her kindness.”

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