Walmart Offers Immunizations and Health Screenings on Wellness Day

Pine Belt, Michigan (WDAM) – Several Walmart locations in the Pine Belt will offer free health checks and discounted vaccinations in conjunction with Wellness Day on Saturday.

Screening includes glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI, vision, etc.

Customers can also get vaccinations for diseases such as COVID-19 (free), influenza, HPV, pneumonia, and tetanus.

Pharmacy manager Kathleen Poole said vaccination is important for everyone, especially those between the ages of 19 and 65.

“I think the people who are least vaccinated and probably most in need are the people under the age of 65 and the people between the ages of 19 and above,” Poole said. “In school, you give it your all, but when you leave school, nobody follows you until you’re 65. So that’s the kind of audience we target.”

The American Cancer Society will also appear in stores to promote its human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

“It prevents a lot of cancers, like throat cancer, female cancer, male cancer, cancer like warts,” Poole said. “It helps prevent all that.”

People are paying particular attention to illnesses such as COVID-19, strep throat (strep throat) and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) that have similar symptoms, Poole said. said.

“If you have symptoms or have a fever, see a doctor,” Poole said. “Because there are drugs to treat this, you don’t have to be really, really sick.”

The following Pine Belt locations will be participating in the event.

  • Petal, 36 Byrd Blvd.
  • Hattiesburg, 6072 US-98
  • Hattiesburg, 5901 US-49
  • Laurel, 1621 MS-15
  • Columbia, 1001 US-98
  • Maggie, 1625 Simpson, US-49
  • Waynesboro, 1350 Azalea Dr.
  • Wiggins, 1053 E Frontage Dr.

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