A game with a unique health system

Health is a fundamental part of life that most people are conscious of. “How are you feeling? What’s that lump in your arm? Do you need to see a doctor?” All these thoughts can cross your mind every day. Fortunately, managing your health in video games is much easier.

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Whether the game represents life force through health bars, lots of numbers, or groups of hearts, most players can understand what’s going on. However, these other examples were a little different and tried to shake things up. Should more games attempt these health systems, or instead stay specific to these eight examples?

8 bro force

Promotional art featuring Broforce characters

Core game is very similar to early run and gun shooter games Contra However, a hero only lives once. Upon death, randomly replaced with another hero until all other backups die. So this exchange system was like a health bar.

The interesting thing about this game was that the name was a parody based on famous action movies like Lambro, Bro Hard, and Blade. Broforce just received its final patch, so it’s the perfect game to talk about right now.of Bro Force Forever The update added new content and heroes like Brophy the Vampire Slayer and Desperabro.

7 super donkey kong country

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong from Donkey Kong Returns

super donkey kong country have a medical system similar to bro force. The playable Kong characters were his two, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, with Donkey Kong being the default hero. At most a player can only be hit twice before being defeated, as he will run away once hit.

In SNES, the characters changed with each sequel, but the life bars remained the same. It was changed by rebooting the Wii, donkey king country returns When Retro Studios added a heart rate monitor to the game.

6 earth bound

Explore the world with EarthBound

earthbound was a weird turn-based RPG for the SNES with a lot of traditional mechanics. Special ability cost points, PP, and health were expressed in HP. However, a twist was added to HP to make it stand out.

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So let’s say the main character, Ness, has 50 HP and gets hit with 50 HP. His life points don’t decrease instantly, they decrease over time until the correct number is reached. To prevent his death, the player can restore Ness with magic or items that counter damage. This is generally true mother series too.

Five fallout 3

Fight enemies in Fallout 3

fallout 3 was a big reboot for fall out A series that turns tactical RPG gameplay into a shooter. Players had an overall health meter, and when it hit zero, they were done. However, that life bar was the sum of the player’s limbs, torso, head, and other body parts.

If the HP of the right arm reaches zero, it will affect the battle, such as a decrease in the hit rate. Radiation damage also plays a role, and can mutate if athletes are overexposed if not treated.

Four Prince of Persia (2008)

Prince and Erica from Prince of Persia (2008)

prince of persia, the 2008 version was something of a third reboot for the Ubisoft franchise. It starred a new prince accompanied by a mysterious sorceress named Erica. Together they ventured through the surrounding desert, hoping to restore vegetation to the kingdom.

The game had a lot of parkour action and falling off a cliff was easy. But the prince couldn’t die because Erica always uses her magic to help him. The same was true in combat, where there was no real way for players to die or lose without quitting the game altogether.

3 Rogue Legacy

Fight enemies in Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy is a roguelike action game with a standard health bar represented by HP. Interesting is the death system. Once dead, that particular character is done. The player then resumes the campaign as the new heir to the cursed family, with randomized stats.

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Some overall stats and items carry over, but are based on upgrades made to the family castle.This sense of progress helped Rogue Legacy It stands out as an aaa roguelike and revolutionized the genre in many ways.

2 superman is back

Superman in

superman is back When it was released for PS2, DS, Xbox and Xbox 360 in 2006, it was not considered a good game by many. It was a tie-in action game created in parallel with the movie. The Xbox 360 version was the primary platform and tried to do at least something unique as a game based on the famous superhero.

As in the comics, Superman was invincible and could not die. There was a health meter, but it was about Metropolis. If the city takes too much damage, it’s game over.

1 Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island

Play Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island levels

Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island The first major platformer with Yoshi as the main character. Various Yoshi dinosaurs were as invincible as Superman, but Baby Mario was not. If the player is attacked, Baby Mario will fall into a bubble and start crying.

Players were given 10 seconds to grab Baby Mario before being kidnapped by Kamek’s minions. That baby cry is still terrifying, but aside from the haunting cry, the game as a whole is one of his best-looking SNES games.

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