Jasper Health and Covet Health Form Partnership

Covet Health will offer Jasper’s cancer care companion to employer customers, including high-touch mentoring and cancer care support for employees and their caregivers.

Boise, Idaho, August 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Jasper Health, a provider of comprehensive cancer care benefits solutions, and Covet Health, a digital health benefits solutions provider and innovative third-party management platform, are joining forces in their joint efforts to revolutionize healthcare. We have entered into a partnership that marks an important milestone. How employers approach and provide cancer care assistance to their employees.

A major challenge for cancer patients is improving their health and quality of life, and most find it difficult to find relevant support and information. Coping with medical appointments, treatment side effects, and emotional distress can be overwhelming, making it difficult for employees to effectively manage their personal and professional responsibilities.

With a history of creating innovative solutions, Jasper Health enables cancer patients and their caregivers to have a more supportive cancer treatment experience. A hybrid digital and human-driven personalized cancer care platform that delivers custom action plans, digital planning tools, data insights, actionable recommendations, and one-on-one coaching with a supportive peer-to-peer community that drives engagement. provide access.

“We are thrilled to work with Covet Health to provide an unprecedented level of support and guidance to our employees in their fight against cancer.” Adam Pellegrini, Co-founder and CEO of Jasper Health. “This partnership is seamlessly aligned with our mission to provide our employees with the psychosocial support and digital planning tools they need to feel more supported and make informed decisions about cancer care. We are in agreement.”

“Covet Health is committed to transforming healthcare delivery and working with Jasper Health is perfectly aligned with our mission. Together we will enhance patient empowerment and refine the coordination of care. and improve overall quality of life.” Matt Casamento, Co-founder and CEO of Covet Health. “This partnership represents an important step forward in our commitment to revolutionize care management.”

For more information on our partnership with Jasper Health and Covet Health, please visit www.hellojasper.com and www.covethealth.io.

About Jasper Health:
Jasper Health is a leading digital oncology support company dedicated to transforming the cancer care experience for patients and their caregivers. Combining advanced technology with human-led support, Jasper Health provides personalized guidance, psychosocial coaching, and digital planning tools to empower individuals throughout the oncology treatment journey. Jasper Health aims to improve the overall quality of life for people suffering from cancer through a patient-centered approach.

About Covett Health:
Covet Health is a pioneering third-party administrator that seamlessly integrates personalized care navigation, customized wellness initiatives, digital plan management and 24/7 concierge services into a single, dynamic platform. Covet Health leverages the power of leading industry point Her solutions to simplify processes and enable employers to deliver unparalleled service to their members, all in one comprehensive solution for her To do.

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