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Jackie Walker was named Memorial Health System’s 2023 Volunteer of the Year. He was honored as a volunteer at the Volunteer Recognition Dinner held at the Grand Point Conference Center in Vienna on Thursday. (photo courtesy)

Marietta — The Memorial Health System recognized volunteers, including the Volunteer of the Year, at its 41st Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner held at the Grand Point Conference Center in Vienna on Thursday.

Over the past year, 183 volunteers contributed 24,355 hours of service. In addition to their own time, volunteers provide baby burp cloths, puddle pads for hospital nurseries, heart pillows for heart patients, and children as they receive care throughout the Memorial Health System. We donate to several different programs, including stuffed animals.

This year’s theme was “Volunteers turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.”

“Our volunteers make the everyday special in the lives they engage in. They go above and beyond to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their patients.” Cindy Hall, Memorial Health System Volunteer Services Coordinator. “They are always appreciated for their important work. They are key to our success and we are proud to celebrate them.”

Volunteers help in a variety of ways, including greeting and escorting patients and families, delivering and delivering flags to veteran patients, and working behind the scenes in offices, medical records, and other areas of the system.

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to recognize the contribution and dedication of our volunteers to our system.” Mr Hall said.

This banquet is held to recognize volunteers who excel in quality and quantity of work, customer service, and dedication. Several volunteers have reached the milestone of the number of hours awarded during 2022.

The following volunteers were honored:

* Volunteer of the Year: Jackie Walker, Volunteer of the Year

* 7,000 Hours: Jane Stale

* 5,000 Hours: Herma Eddy

* 2,000 Hours: Joan Garhart, Kent Hall, Diana Sams, Sarah Shaffer, Jackie Walker

* 1,000 Hours: Martha Cornelius, Sandy George, Bella Lawrence, Wendy Lowe, Janet Robinson, Kevin Sheeb, Doug Thompson

* 500 Hours: Brian Berkemer, Marilyn Bookman, Jeffrey Bradford, Jack Heater, Janet Lamp, Marian McCall, Susan Shelton, Mark Wilmoth, Chris Wood

* 200 Hours: Linda Bunnell, Debra Chevalier, Betsy Ferrell, Cecilia Goff, Roseanne Gray, Donna Husley, Donna Hines, Bonnie Hutchins, Barbara Jackson, Charlotte Kitts, Becky Marks, Peggy Powell , Luke Williamson

*Mark Wilmoth and Chris Wood will join the 500 Hour Club in 2022 by donating 500 hours or more, and Kent Hall, Wendy Rowe and Doug Thompson will join the 1,000 Hour Club in 2022 by donating 1,000 hours or more.

* Marilyn Buchman (26), Herma Eddy (30), Jaycee Hayes (22), Jodie Kohler (26), Jane Stahl (33), Kasi Stewart (27), Frances Tones (41 years old) Joins the club for over 20 years.

* Best Volunteer of the Month 2022-2023 Winner: Janet France, August 2022. Marian McCall, September 2022. Kay Brammer, October 2022. November 2022, Peggy Powell. December 2022, Ron Hofert. January 2023, Jack Heater. February 2023, Bella Lawrence. March 2023, Braden Ayers. April 2023, Sandy Morris. May 2023, Jean Lawrence. June 2023, Jackie Walker. July 2023, Esther Nessel Road.

For information on becoming a hospital volunteer, please contact Hall at (740) 374-1778.

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