Travis County Mental Health Authority to Cut 115 Staff

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Travis County’s largest mental health care provider has cut nearly 10% of its staff positions, some of which are vacant, to fill a federal and state funding gap of about $22 million next year. That was announced at Thursday’s board meeting.

Staff outside one integrated care facility said employees were “stressed and overwhelmed” and said the cuts would only exacerbate an already heavy workload.

“It’s unexpected. People lose stability. Not just for employees, but for customers,” said the employee. We are not naming them.

According to its website, Integral Care provides resources for people with mental illness, substance use disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities. These resources include crisis response services such as operating local 988 call centers, as well as counseling and incident management, drug and alcohol treatment, and housing services.

The Integral Care Board approved a budget proposal on August 31 that includes the reduction of 115 posts. Of those positions, 48 ​​have been filled, with 30 in program services positions, staff said Thursday.

Staffers said at a board meeting on Thursday that some people could be offered the opportunity to fill vacancies.

For those who were not moved to open positions, the Integral Health Board, which is made up of Integral Care leaders, Travis County and Austin employees, has decided to give staff a 12-week warning. Selected. According to Integral Care, this means people with no other jobs will retire on November 24th.

“The board has approved an extension of the employment period of RIF’s affected employees from six to 12 weeks and has agreed with management to identify additional funding to reduce the number of affected employees. We are confident that Integral Care will continue to meet the needs of adults, children and families in Travis County,” said Integral Care Board Chair Trish Young Brown.

The Coalition of Integrated Care Workers praised the delay from six weeks notice to 12 weeks, but said it hoped the board and staff would find ways to fund programs that would have to be curtailed as a result of budget cuts. Ta.

“The union is now urging elected leaders of the City of Austin and Travis County to use this 12-week window to urgently work with the IC Board and EMTs to find additional workers to prevent layoffs and service cuts. We are appealing to secure funding,” the union wrote.

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