STOREDOT Warns Industry Amid Fierce Fast-Charging Battery Technology Race

  • StoreDot reiterates its commitment to ultra-fast charging (XFC) chemistries that minimize battery degradation in EVs.
  • While competitors claim fast charge times and extended range, StoreDot highlights the importance of transparent communication over XFC, including concerns about long-term battery health.
  • StoreDot’s proprietary silicon-based chemistry prioritizes battery life and safety while delivering high charge rates
  • Even after 1,300 consecutive XFC cycles in 30Ah format large cells, StoreDot’s batteries retain 80% of their original capacity, making them more durable.
  • Battery manufacturers should be transparent about battery performance in ultra-fast charging use cases.
  • StoreDot continues to reach its goal of mass-production readiness for ‘100in5’ cells next year, delivering at least 100 miles, or 160km, of range on just a 5-minute charge.
  • StoreDot continues to cultivate a growing network of strategic partnerships with investors, leading OEMs and manufacturing partners around the world.

Herzliya, Israel, September 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — StoreDot, a pioneer in ultra-fast charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles, is stepping up its commitment to advanced chemistries that minimize battery degradation over the life of an EV.

The company’s announcement is in response to recent industry claims touting faster charging times and longer driving range, which raises concerns about the potential long-term impact on battery health and the resulting vehicle It is easy to overlook the decrease in cruising range.

If the battery chemistry is not suitable, frequent fast charging can degrade the battery as a result of power charging, potentially compromising the integrity of the battery cells, and shortening the overall battery life. there is.

To address this concern, StoreDot provides transparent communication from battery developers regarding key factors related to XFC, such as battery health, cycle life, performance under extreme temperatures, safety parameters, and cost. emphasizes the importance of

Even after 1,300 consecutive XFC cycles in large 30Ah format cells, StoreDot’s batteries retain 80% of their original capacity, are highly durable and provide ultra-fast charging for EVs.

Doctor Doron MeyersdorfStoreDot CEO, “At StoreDot, battery safety is our top priority, ensuring that high charge rates can be accepted without compromising cell life. It has been our north star in development over the past decade and its importance should not be underestimated.”

“Even if the battery degrades and degrades in health over the life of the battery, EV owners don’t have to sacrifice longevity or vehicle range for everyday convenient use. I have to be able to charge with confidence at all times.” Regardless of how charged the battery is when it arrives at the charging station, it maintains a consistently high rate every time. “

“Additionally, OEMs are increasingly looking to extend battery warranties based on guaranteed health within a specific mileage range. And it is important to future-proof the battery while considering the evolving usage patterns of XFC.” “

StoreDot’s commitment to innovation and collaboration is demonstrated through a rapidly growing global network of strategic partnerships with investors, leading OEMs and manufacturing partners. Global car and EV manufacturers Volvo, Polestar, VinFast and Ola Electric are already key strategic partners for the company.

StoreDot recently reported excellent battery performance feedback for the A-Samples test phase of its XFC electric vehicle battery cells. A comprehensive test program was conducted over his six months earlier this year by the world’s leading automakers. Europe, Asiathe United States, and some of StoreDot’s strategic ecosystem partners.

About Storedot:

StoreDot is the pioneer and leader in ultra-fast-charging (XFC) electric vehicle batteries that overcome the key barriers to mainstream EV adoption: range and charging anxiety. The company revolutionizes traditional lithium-ion batteries by designing and synthesizing proprietary organic and inorganic compounds optimized by artificial intelligence algorithms, the same experience that refuels traditional internal combustion locomotives. We’ve made it possible to charge an EV in less than 10 minutes.

StoreDot’s battery technology enables ‘Range on Demand™’ through its ‘100inX’ product roadmap. 100 miles of charging in 5 minutes by 2024, 100 miles of charging in 3 minutes by 2028, and super energy density solutions that enable 100 miles of charging in 2 minutes by 2032. StoreDot’s strategic investors and partners include BP, VinFast, Volvo Cars, Polestar, Daimler, Ola Electric, Samsung, TDK and its manufacturing partner EVE Energy. In his 2022, the company will be the first in the world to achieve a live, ultra-fast charging demonstration of an EV battery cell in his 10 minutes. StoreDot has achieved its goal of having its 100in5 technology ready for mass production by 2024.

StoreDot’s media kit can be found at this link.


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