APD, AISD, and organizations bring local resources to the community at health and wellness fair

The Austin Police Department and Austin ISD teamed up with more than 30 organizations to provide local resources to the community at Saturday’s Health and Wellness Resource Fair.

“Today is an opportunity for parents and students to meet all kinds of organizations that care about their well-being,” said Austin ISD Director Ofelia Zapata. “We don’t want to hear of any more tragedies in our schools. We want to remind parents and students that they are not alone, that we have many resources to help, and that we are all here to help them.” I want them to know that I am here.”

Thirty-three organizations participated in the fair, which served as William B. Travis High School’s one-stop shop for the Austin Police Department’s Riverside Integration Project.

“This is what we call community policing,” Austin ISD Trustee Ofelia Zapata said. “We want students and families to know that police officers are here to keep us safe and to help us feel safe. That’s why we want a relationship with the family, because we’ve had some bad experiences.”

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“It’s a great partnership,” said APD Chief Gisette Gaslin. “We continually do things like this with the community. The community is Austin, Austin is the community, and I think this is a very helpful fair to reach out to the community.”

Dozens of students and parents gathered Saturday afternoon to meet with community members and learn about the organization.

“We have a lot of medical services here,” Zapata said. “We also have the Austin Parks Foundation, and we want to rebuild and revitalize the park so families can get outside and enjoy the park again.”

Participants received free food, free vaccines, and employment opportunities.

“Like everyone else, we’re recruiting,” Guslin said. “We have recruiters here that are looking for sworn police officers. We also have a communications department that is looking for 911 call takers and dispatchers. We also have a victim services department that is always hiring. Masu.”

“There are so many free resources out there that we hope you can find whatever you’re looking for here,” Zapata said. “If not, let me know and I’ll find it.” Zapata.

The district plans to hold another fair at Mendez Middle School in October.

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