Walgreens and Pearl Health partner to expand value-based care

Walgreens and Pearl Health announced a partnership to accelerate the expansion of value-based care in collaboration with community-based primary care physicians.1

Value-based programs incentivize health care providers based on the quality of care they provide to Medicare enrollees. They were created to reform the way health care is delivered and paid for. This large-scale, high-quality strategy aims to provide better care for patients, improve population-level health, and reduce costs.2

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These programs are essential because they help pay providers based on the quality of care they provide to individuals, rather than the quantity of care they provide.2

Walgreens, a division of Walgreens Boots Alliance, and Pearl Health, a provider assistance company, work together to bring unique care to individuals. A press release states that Pearl Health’s role is to provide technology and insight solutions that empower clinical teams to deliver personalized treatments aimed at value-based, high-quality care. . Walgreens’ role will be to provide complementary services, prescription fulfillment, immunizations, medication adherence counseling, diagnostic testing, and transition from hospitalization to home.1

“Walgreens is committed to being the partner of choice for health care providers and health systems that are looking to quickly and effectively transition to value-based care and improve outcomes for the communities they serve. John Driscoll, executive vice president and president of U.S. Healthcare, Walgreens. From Boots Alliance press release. “Our partnership with Pearl Health will enable us to reach more communities faster, deliver comprehensive and affordable care that improves long-term health outcomes and fosters healthier communities. .”1

Walgreens recently invested in VillageMD, which provides primary, multispecialty and urgent care. The investment further demonstrates Walgreens’ focus on value-based care, as the partnership with Pearl Health provides a value-based delivery channel, according to a press release. This will allow Walgreens to reach more patients and provide solutions to healthcare providers and health systems.1

“At Pearl Health, we believe that local primary care providers are the key to improving health outcomes across America. Our technology-enabled, value-based care model helps improve health outcomes, especially in our most vulnerable communities. It will work seamlessly with the healthcare services offered by Walgreens,” Michael Kopko, Pearl Health CEO, said in a press release. “With a focus on proactive and coordinated care, we work together to efficiently manage care while providing better solutions for healthcare providers and ultimately delivering high-quality services to patients. We are very excited about the impact this partnership will have on patients in Medicare and beyond.”1


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