Scranton health officials urge caution during flood cleanup

SCRANTON, Pa. — Medical professionals from Scranton Primary Health Care Center conducted vaccinations and wound examinations Friday inside the Holy Rosary Center on West Market Street.

Joseph Hollander, CEO of Scranton Primary Health, said city officials wanted access to public health services during the storm recovery event. Hollander says people should take care of their health after disasters such as floods.

“Frankly, the bigger concern is that no one knows what was in that flood. And we need to be proactive and protect our residents, protect our first responders, make sure they get sick. “We try not to become,” Hollander said.

David Delguercio and Molly Carney’s home on Mary Street was submerged in several feet of water. They say they came to the city event to ask for help, not knowing they were trying to clean up as much as they could and also get vaccinated.

“I never thought about tetanus boosters, but again, cutting, scraping, digging through this mud. So, yeah, there’s definitely a blessing here, because… You never think about that when you’ve just lost your life.” Home and everything.” ”

Janet Kelly said the floodwaters destroyed her home on Leggett Street. She said Kelly had been in floods before and didn’t want her to get sick while she was dealing with the damage to her home.

“I was thinking of calling my doctor and going to get checked out because I knew I hadn’t seen a doctor in over 10 years. And years ago… You know when there was a problem with that, they were like, “Yeah, you should definitely get checked out by a doctor.” When you’re there, you get a shot of tetanus,” Kelly said. said.

“The tetanus shot expires in 10 years,” Hollander added. “Anyone who thinks they may be close or in danger should be proactive in getting one.”

Scranton Fire Chief John Judge said the same was true for city employees, including firefighters, who had to act quickly.

“That’s why we’re investing in training, personal protective equipment, and making sure we have the right policies and procedures in place to make sure they’re safe and secure when they get in the water.” “If we do that, it will ultimately become effective,” the judge said.

Scranton Primary Health officials say anyone who may be injured or feeling ill should seek medical attention.

The City of Scranton also provided trash cans to assist with cleanup.Full list of locations included here.

Check out WNEP’s YouTube channel for severe weather tips.

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