Residents continue to debate representation on Emmet County Board of Health

PETOSKEY — The Emmet County Commission continues to draw packed crowds as the nation debates the correct course of action regarding the county’s representation on the Northwest Michigan Department of Health Board of Health.

At the Sept. 11 board meeting, commissioners voted to remove Rich Ginnop as one of the two board members following an ethics and code of conduct hearing. The motion was approved on a 5-1 vote, and Commissioner Neil Ahrens was appointed to fill the vacancy.

more:Ginop was removed from his seat on the health committee following an ethics hearing.

The Emmet County Commission chambers were packed for the Thursday, Sept. 21, meeting.

Reactions to the decision continued this week, with preliminary agenda materials for the Sept. 21 meeting including a request from Ginop to reconsider the board’s decision.

As Thursday’s meeting began, Ahrens made a motion to remove the item from the agenda. The board approved the motion on a 4-3 vote.

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