Health officials encourage vaccinations as influenza and respiratory syncytial virus season approaches.

Respiratory virus season is just around the corner.Federal health officials expect similar numbers of coronavirus, respiratory syncytial virus and influenza infections. hospitalization Just like last season. Thanks to new vaccines and treatments, things will look a little different in 2023/2024.

Ann Has been updated A vaccine targeting the new strain of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is now available for everyone over six months of age, in time for the fall/winter season. If you haven’t gotten a coronavirus vaccine in the past two months, now is the best time to get vaccinated, according to the CDC.

The campaign to get Americans vaccinated as quickly as possible has hit a snag after reports of people getting vaccinated. Paid Approximately $200 per shot. People with private insurance or federal programs like Medicaid and Medicare should be able to get coverage for free, but some insurers are rushing to update their billing codes.

CDC Director Mandy Cohen emphasized on social media this week that the coronavirus vaccine is free to anyone who wants it.

“go to You can probably find sites at Walgreens, CVS, health departments, and health centers. So, to get your free coronavirus vaccine, visit Again, it will be covered through insurance or the free CDC program. Please make sure you go out today and protect yourself and your family,” Cohen said.

Data from CDCMeanwhile, studies suggest that more than 80,000 children under the age of 5 are hospitalized each year due to respiratory syncytial virus. A newly approved shot of monoclonal antibodies, molecules that fight infections, is now available and recommended for all babies at birth and for high-risk babies in their second year of life.

A vaccine that can be given during pregnancy could be available later this fall.

Adults over 60 years old are Who can get two new RSV vaccines? It was approved earlier this summer. Interested seniors are encouraged to consult their doctor for guidance.

The CDC said the influenza vaccine has been shown to reduce the risk of influenza-related illness and serious complications that can lead to hospitalization and death. Health officials say September to late October is the ideal time to get a flu shot.

Washing your hands frequently, covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, avoiding touching your face with unwashed hands, and avoiding work when sick can also help prevent the spread of the disease. Masu.

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