Join JSI for the 20th Reproductive Health Products Alliance Membership Meeting

COVID-19 is exacerbating long-standing challenges in health systems and supply chains. Within this context, the reproductive health supply community focuses on revitalizing existing supply chains and services. This will build a more resilient and equitable reproductive health supply ecosystem.

Join JSI at this year’s Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition Membership Conference, October 16-20 in Accra, Ghana, to help transform the way supplies are delivered and withstand future shocks and disruptions. Learn how we rapidly innovate to power scalable solutions. .For conference updates, follow us on Twitter @JSIhealth and LinkedIn @JSI, using the hashtags #ItsAboutSupplies and #RHSC2023.

JSI staff will be participating in the following conference events.

Tuesday, October 17th

New Underutilized RH Technology (NURTH) Caucus
Roundtable | Expanding access to RH supplies with self-care

  • Nigeria: Building resilient systems for reproductive health provision through self-care interventions
  • Miranda Buba Atare, Nigeria Country Coordinator, JSI, Injectable Access Collaborative

Time: 12:15pm

System Strengthening Working Group
Adapting supply chains to enhance access to contraceptives

  • Indications used to ensure access to contraceptive methods during the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Wanjiru Munene, Supply Health Market Development and Partnerships Senior Advisor

Time: 2:15

Thursday, October 19th

parallel sessions: Revolutionizing the reproductive health supply chain: financing and
strategic insights

  • Maggie Murphy, JSI Senior Technical Advisor

Time: 3pm

Friday, October 20th

plenary session: Opportunities for equity and localization in the RH supply chain

Time: 2pm

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