Philadelphia Health’s Infant Safe Sleep Program aims to reduce high infant mortality rates

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Saving infants’ lives by teaching parents how to keep infants safe while they sleep. This is a program run by the Philadelphia Department of Health.

October is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Awareness Month. SIDS is something the health department is aiming to reduce.

A class for parents about baby safety during sleep and prevention of SIDS.

“You don’t want your baby’s head at the top of the crib; your baby should always be in the middle,” says Annette Frazier.

The Philadelphia Health Department’s Infant Safe Sleep Program aims to reduce sleep time in the city. High infant mortality rate.

“I think if more mothers were educated, tuition would go down,” Keisha Copeland said.

Copeland is with her 2-month-old daughter Serenity.

“I learned that babies should always sleep alone on their backs in their cribs,” she said.

SIDS is often associated with improper bedding in the crib or babies sleeping on their stomachs.

“It’s dangerous when their faces are down. They fall into a deep sleep and die there,” Frazier said. “That’s why we say never lie on your stomach.”

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Research shows that 93% of SIDS deaths are preventable.

“The key is education,” Frazier said.

Frazier is a program manager in the health department and leads a safe sleep program for young children.

“It’s a simple message: ABC,” Frazier said. “Baby A is sleeping alone, B is on his back, and C is sleeping in his crib.”

This means that young children should not sleep in beds or with their parents because it is dangerous.

“I think it promotes safety for children,” Copeland said.

Copeland is grateful for the classes that help new parents and keep babies like Serenity healthy.

“Her safety is important for her to live a long and happy life,” Copeland said.

This program is free for new parents and those expecting a baby.

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