Verily is boldly innovating the future of healthcare

Verily is one of the most dynamic companies in the healthcare industry, carefully working at the intersection of healthcare, data, and technology to improve care delivery, research methods, and overall patient outcomes. .

The company’s mission statement is bold and powerful: “Bringing the promise of precision health to everyone, every day.” Precision health refers to a selective approach to disease prevention and treatment. This is an approach that takes into account an individual’s specific needs and lifestyle to ensure appropriate clinical interventions are made. Medical treatments and interventions have historically been rooted in treating the “average patient.” Precision health is challenging this norm and moving beyond “one-size-fits-all” methodologies to pursue a more customized approach that delivers the right care at the right time to meet patient needs.

Following this concept, Verily utilizes technology, data science, and analytics, in addition to leveraging data from both clinical and non-clinical modalities, to ultimately define the ideal intervention for patients. Helpful.

Our company has grown significantly over the years with this mission in mind. It was originally founded in 2015 as Google X’s “Moonshot” project. Over the past eight years, Verily has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible and made incredible advances in healthcare. This is far more than many other companies have been able to achieve for decades. During this journey, Verily has successfully launched many innovative products.

For example, Verily’s Viewpoint platform is an “end-to-end suite of tools and services” that help generate high-quality evidence, optimize the clinical trial recruitment process, and most recently, with its Workbench tool, help clinical research to help you optimize. Robust analytics and data insights.

Another shining example is Onduo, known as one of the most successful care management solutions for individuals with chronic conditions. Specifically, Onduo is a virtual care management platform for patients with diabetes and hypertension, leveraging comprehensive data to help manage these conditions. The platform includes a mobile application, a dedicated care team, and content customized for participants. A landmark retrospective study of 578 patients found that participation in Onduo led to significant improvements in HbA1C (a blood sugar measurement used to diagnose diabetes), in addition to improvements in weight and blood pressure. It was found that the time of hyperglycemia was shortened. Specifically, high-risk patients’ she HbA1C levels decreased by an average of 2.4%, while for patients overall their she HbA1C levels decreased by his 1.6%. Indeed, these are monumental discoveries.

These are just a few examples of the many products Verily has pioneered, and there are many more, from innovative insurance products to breakthrough retinal screening tools.

Stephen Gillett, CEO of Verily, said the company has experienced significant growth over the past eight years and is now focused on leveraging the company’s streamlined operations, technical capabilities and human talent to transform healthcare. It is explained that it has a . Gillette is a strong leader and executive with decades of experience at the intersection of operations, technology and business. He will use this experience to guide Verily to the next frontier. He points out that “Big Retail” and “Big Healthcare” are still struggling to solve many of the problems that “Big Healthcare” still struggles to solve, especially when it comes to using technology and data to truly understand human behavior. Learn how technology solved the problem. he explains enthusiastically. “What I am excited about is the extraordinary and meaningful products we are developing. It’s about how we bring together what we’ve learned, our understanding, and our capabilities from a technology perspective. Come join us. I think there’s a lot we can learn from adjacent industries.”

He also explains that the next decade holds a lot of promise for the company and the industry as a whole. Over the next three to five years, Gillette hopes to deliver strong market and care products that blend technology and healthcare capabilities in meaningful ways. Over the next five years, we aim to see Verily pioneer robust data and insight capabilities, ultimately creating harmony between healthcare product services and technology.

Dr. Amy Abernethy, Verily’s president of product development and chief medical officer, was equally enthusiastic: “We wanted to unlock the promise of precision health for everyone, every day.” In this effort, the company believes it can make a real difference in improving people’s lives and the healthcare industry as a whole. She explains that she has been working hard to develop the product. Dr. Abernethy also thoughtfully exclaims that this story is just beginning and there is still much work to be done. To improve health equity and to consider how our products can maintain privacy and security at all times. ”

Consistent with our mission to advance health equity, Verily recently launched the Health Equity Center of Excellence, led by Dr. Vindell Washington. The center’s goal is to “build and strengthen capacity to reach underserved and underrepresented communities in order to provide them with quality and equitable care and research opportunities.” It’s about doing…” [and to embed the] Incorporating principles of health equity and diversity throughout the lifecycle by design [Verily’s] We support your product from idea to development to post-marketing process. ”

Without a doubt, Verily has made a name for itself and is a rising star in the healthcare scene. There is still much work to be done, but there are significant opportunities in the field of precision health. When it comes to Verily, one thing is for sure. That’s especially true given the incredible progress the company has already made in just eight short years, which will meaningfully transform healthcare and truly improve patient outcomes in the coming decades. The future is certainly promising with incredible possibilities.

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