South Florida mental health expert offers advice on how to help children cope with violence in the Middle East

miami — Mourners gathered Monday at a place of worship in suburban Chicago. the murdered boy Officials say a hate crime is suspected over the weekend.

Wadea Alfayume turned 6 years old shortly before he was killed, according to his family.


Six-year-old Wadea Al-Fayoum was stabbed repeatedly and died, according to local investigators.

“I’ve never heard of or seen anything so tragic,” said neighbor Trinity Jasnicka.

Investigators said the Muslim boy and his mother were attacked on Saturday by their homeowner, Joseph Zuba, 71.

Authorities say the boy was stabbed 26 times while inside the home, and his mother was stabbed more than a dozen times.

“This was an attack on all of us,” said CAIR Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rihab. “When this person said, ‘All Muslims must die,’ it wasn’t a message to the boy and his mother, it was a message to all of us. We were all stabbed that day.”

Authorities say they believe Zuba attacked the mother and child because of their religion and what is happening in the Middle East.

The attack is just the latest incident to emerge on social media, as graphic images and articles flood the internet in response to the Hamas attack and Israel’s response.

Adults and children alike are finding these disturbing images online while scrolling on their phones. Impact on children Very concerning.

“Imagine if a 40-year-old child is feeling overwhelmed or confused, but a 6- or 7-year-old child who is cognitively less developed cannot absorb all of that,” says Boca Raton. “It can be scary and overwhelming for them.”

Lichtshain says it’s important for parents to maintain open communication with their children as events related to the Israeli conflict continue.

“Allow your child to vent and express why they’re scared, then be honest,” she said, adding that adults should set up parental controls and adjust privacy settings on children’s social media accounts. He added that there is. He said young children should not be exposed to the hate that continues to be spread online.

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