Fishawack Health becomes Avalere Health, unlocking the potential of every product and every patient

As a single, unified organization, the company seamlessly brings together science and creativity, technology and data, power and agility to give patients faster access to life-changing innovations.

Washington DC, October 18, 2023 — Fishawack Health announced today that it is merging under a new name and brand: Avalere Health. Avarere Health was founded to be the world’s leading commercialization partner for transformative healthcare companies looking to maximize the value of their portfolios while connecting patients with life-changing health solutions. .

Since its founding in 2001, the company has successfully acquired and integrated 19 best-in-class healthcare organizations and consultancies across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Its diverse expertise spans the entire healthcare ecosystem, and its teams collaborate around the world to accelerate innovation and maximize impact on lives.

“We have always been a community of professionals. Coming together as one organization allows us to connect in new and more powerful ways.” John Koch, CEO. “Healthcare is fragmented and patients lack immediate access to life-enhancing innovations. We break down traditional silos and work together seamlessly to develop solutions across the product lifecycle and bring them to market. We pivot as the world evolves and stakeholder needs change. We operate without boundaries, bringing together science and creativity, technology and data, power and agility to solve health care’s most complex challenges. will be resolved.”

Avalere Health leverages the collective intelligence of strategists, scientists, marketers, analysts, and technologists to examine situations from multiple perspectives simultaneously, building unity throughout the care journey, and improving clinical practice. driving sustainable change.

“The ecosystem of healthcare stakeholders – patients, healthcare workers, providers, payers, policy makers, and investors – is deeply connected,” he added. Amar Ulhekar, Chief Operating Officer. “We understand how all these stakeholders interact and where their needs diverge and overlap. Together, we can transform lives for everyone. We help you understand the connections between products and technologies and help you navigate complex science and data to make medical decisions that improve lives.”

Avarere Health’s multidisciplinary team works with biopharmaceutical, medical technology, wellness, and investor clients to combine deep data-driven analysis with a rich understanding of the healthcare market to address modern healthcare challenges. We develop advanced solutions.

“With access to proprietary registries, paid data and omnichannel analysis tools, we uncover untapped commercial potential. Whether you’re evaluating your impact on your business or creating relevant experiences that continually evolve to meet your audience’s needs, at Abarere Health, we’re bringing together the talent of our team, connected to data. Imagine a healthier world and make it happen.” Gail Flockhart, Chief Commercial Officer.

The name Abarere means strength, vitality and learning. Abarele Health’s new identity captures this constant state of living and learning through the awe-inspiring natural phenomenon of starlings rustling and flying together. This concept of thinking, moving and acting together is evident across the brand, from the new visual identity system to the website, advertising campaigns and brand anthem videos.

“The fact that thousands of starlings can move together so quickly and fluidly, changing direction almost like a single organism, inspired us,” Koch said. said. “We act according to our environment and each other, and every decision is reflected in the group as a whole. Simultaneity, collaboration, and connection in movement are how Abarele and his health work.”

The merger as Avalere Health means that acquired brands Hive and Pollen Health, Dudnyk, 2e, Closerlook, StoneArch, Skysis, Fire and Rain, PAI, and PRMA Consulting will be discontinued, creating tighter integration across the organization. means. Avarere, a US-based healthcare policy, market access and transformation market leader (acquired in June 2022), will maintain its brand as an integral part of Avarere Health.

About Abarere Health

Founded in 2001, Avalere Health is a purpose-built commercialization partner for the biopharmaceutical, medical technology, and wellness industries. More than 1,500 professionals combine their knowledge and expertise across core areas such as Consulting; Medicine; Policy; Value, Evidence, Access. Marketing; Digital Experience Technology — Creating connections for better health.

Avalere Health partners with clients to navigate the complex and rapidly changing healthcare ecosystem. The company’s experts work together to help clients realize the potential of strategies and solutions to connect patients to life-changing treatments and accelerate life-improving innovations. Visit and follow Avalere Health on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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