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STEUBENVILLE — In addition to continuing to address environmental complaints and violations, the Jefferson County Board of Health heard an update and approved a recommendation to the county health department during Tuesday’s regular meeting.

The board approved salary increases of 5 percent to 10 percent based on position for staff in the Women, Infants and Children Program in the Jefferson County General Health District. Health Commissioner Andrew Henry said the increase, which will initially pay nurses and dietitians $20, will bring WIC pay in line with other sectors and make it more competitive overall. .

“We have a really good staff and we want to keep them.” WIC Director Stephanie Chester added that the increase will be paid for from the department’s WIC grant, not the general fund.

Chester also said in the report that WIC benefits for fruits and vegetables have increased. Congress passed a continuing resolution in September extending benefit increases, including $26 for children, $47 for postpartum women, $52 for exclusively or partially breastfeeding and pregnant women, Includes $78 for lactation.

Chester said the latest changes in benefit amounts and previous switches have created more work for WIC staff and required a cumbersome process of manually reconciling numbers. Therefore, Mr Chester said he hoped the government would keep benefits stable until the end of the year.

The board approved the health department to become the lead agency for the Central Ohio Trauma System, a regional health care coordination group formerly led by Trinity Health System. Mr Henry said COTS aligns well with the Department of Health’s current public health emergency preparedness agreement capabilities.

The board approved three purchase orders over $5,000. One is $18,363.51 for a keyless fob system intended to reduce the spread of infectious diseases on high-touch surfaces in the Jefferson County Juvenile Court. His $20,080.08 on the Ohio State Treasurer’s birth, death and fetal certificates. and $9,856 for naloxone at the Jefferson County Jail.

The Board of Directors was notified of the resignation of Director of Nursing Hannah Pico, effective November 17th. Board members thanked Ms. Pico for her contributions to the department, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Pico said. “Thank you for your support and encouragement. I have truly appreciated and cherished the time I spent here during one of the most challenging times in public health.”

Henry said those interested in applying for the nursing director position should call the Health Department at (740) 283-8530 for administrative assistance or email their resume to administrative assistant Michelle Henry at He said it could be sent by email. The application period is until November 3rd.

Pico said in the report that nursing staff will host a Bend-Brew and Boo yoga event at Tri B’s Coffee Shop on Oct. 30 from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Staff are also preparing for the Diaper Dash 5-K scheduled for Dec. 2 at Bellevue Park.

Medical Director Dr. Janie Culp said the flu vaccine is available at health department clinics and insurance is not required. Individuals can call the department to find out if they are eligible.

The Board of Directors elected Suzanne Brown as Vice Chair, and Anthony Mougianis assumed the role of Chair following the death of Dr. Pat Macedonia on August 16th. The board also welcomed Dr. Mark Kissinger, who was appointed by the District Advisory Council on September 28th.

Henry said the health department’s application for accreditation is expected to be completed by this week, and staff will attend a workshop in Columbus next month for health departments not currently accredited through the Commission on Public Health Accreditation. Ta.

Henry informed the board in an article titled The Health Department’s aggressive transportation efforts have been recognized by the information nonprofit Strong Towns. “Locals across North America seem to see their cities on two wheels.” Published on September 19th.

Board member Terry Bell warned northern areas of Jefferson County to be prepared for the following. “24 hour traffic situation” Oil and gas development is increasing in the region.

The Board held a second reading of the 2024 fees related to certain environmental program cost methodologies. Hygienist Carla Campolo noted that Director of Finance and Management Kelly Wilson has been working hard on the cost methodology and that this is the first year that Ohio State has not returned without changing the methodology. .

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