DHSS launches new behavioral health coordination platform DTRN360

DTRN360 is a new addition to Delaware’s treatment and referral network that allows behavioral health providers to more easily review a patient’s previous treatment.

Michelle Singletary-Twyman, deputy director of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Division, calls the platform revolutionary for behavioral health care.

“We didn’t have a program. This is groundbreaking. No one has done this yet. Delaware will be the first to do this. Others have submitted RFPs. “There are states that have, but they’re really in the implementation stage,” she said.

DTRN360 is designed to connect community-based providers, support systems, and behavioral health providers in one workflow.

“When you open it on a cloud-based platform, you can find the necessary information that the client has agreed to. Now you will be able to find out what has happened to them over the past six months to a year. ” Singletary Twyman said.

He added that this type of platform would create a more comprehensive care experience for patients, including access to information on social determinants of health, such as housing, transportation and food security information.

The platform will take about a year to 18 months to launch, she said, but workgroup meetings and the onboarding process will begin next month.

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