Laredo UISD hosts Catapult Health physical exam

The UISD Employee Health Committee has partnered with Catapult Health to offer a lifesaving new health test for employees.

The worksite program began at Alexander High School on November 1st and was a great success.

Dozens of employees used QR codes to register for the first of several free health exams scheduled across the district throughout November and December. The program was last offered in his 2019 year and is being offered again this year in response to popular demand, with his goal of having 1,000 employees participate.

The innovative test features blood being drawn using a device called Tasso, which was invented during the pandemic to allow patients to collect their own blood samples at home.

In the current test, a certified technician is present at the job site, briefly warms the patient with a heating pad to improve blood flow, and then draws blood with a Tasso device firmly attached to the arm.

We recommend short sleeves that can easily reach your upper arms. Surprisingly, people undergoing this process agree that it is almost painless and takes only a few minutes to collect the necessary blood into a small tube, which is then taken to the laboratory by a technician to obtain the results. will be sent to.

Participants will answer a few questions and then schedule a follow-up appointment with a certified nurse within a few days to review their results in a private online video conference.

This program is currently available to all UISD full-time employees who are fully enrolled in Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO, with no referral required. Worksite diagnostics take just 10-15 minutes and assess key health indicators. Early identification of important health risks from costly chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

Employees also receive an easy-to-understand personal health report explaining all test results, which is completely confidential and not shared with the employer. Personal action plans are provided so employees can improve and optimize their health.

Workplace diagnostics are not intended to replace a doctor’s visit, but are intended to give employees the opportunity to learn more about their health needs and follow up with their doctor in a private, quick and convenient environment.

Wellness Coordinator Cordelia Sarabia says it’s a proactive approach to health care.

“We want to empower our employees to take their health into their own hands from the convenience of their workplace,” Sarabia said. “This simple test not only provides valuable health information, but also helps save lives through early diagnosis and early treatment. The Wellness Committee considers this a first class activity and will continue to do so next year. We would like to revive it.”

Abraham Hernandez, Wellness Member of the UISD Risk Management Department, said the program also covers behavioral and mental wellness disorders such as depression and anxiety.

“I joined in 2019, and the company has done a lot to speed up the process for employees and make it more appealing to more people,” Hernandez said. Ta. “We hope they take advantage of its efficiency, convenience and comfort. It’s especially appealing to those who have fear or anxiety about long hands.”

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