World Health Organization loses contact with Al Shifa Hospital – Latest information

Fighting intensified near Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, and hospital officials said the situation was deteriorating for patients and displaced Palestinians still inside the facility.

Emergency summit: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi joined dozens of Arab and Muslim leaders at the summit in Saudi Arabia. The draft declaration calls for all Palestinian factions to be brought under the umbrella of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the body that oversees the government that runs the West Bank.

Hospitals in Gaza: Surgeons at the Al Shifa complex said basic equipment was lacking. The Israeli military said there were clashes between Israeli forces and Hamas fighters outside the complex. Israel has announced it has allowed at least six Hamas fighters to evacuate from Rantisi Children’s Hospital.

Corridor to southern Gaza: For much of Saturday, the Israeli military guaranteed Palestinians safe passage through certain routes in the south, allowing them to escape the worst of the fighting in the north. An Israeli military spokesperson said nearly 200,000 Gazans have been evacuated from northern Gaza since Thursday.

casualties: Health authorities in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip say more than 11,100 people have been killed there, the majority of them women and children. This number does not distinguish between armed groups and civilians. Israel has revised its estimate of the death toll from the October 7 Hamas attack to 1,200 from 1,400.

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