One Health: EFSA partners with EU institutions

This statement was signed on the occasion of the “One Health Conference – One Health for All, All for One Health” held in Luxembourg City on November 13, 2023. The event is hosted by the European Commission Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG). SANTE), the conference assessed the current state of implementation of the One Health approach in Europe and discussed ways to further strengthen One Health in the future.

Working together to meet extraordinary challenges

In the opening session, Carlos das Neves, Principal Scientist at EFSA, spoke about the Inter-Agency Task Force on One Health, which brings together the One Health efforts of EFSA and four other ENVI institutions, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control. (ECDC), European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), European Environment Agency (EEA), and European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Dr. Das Neves said of the task force: “The extraordinary challenges facing the planet today require extraordinary efforts. Building a safe and sustainable food system in Europe is one such challenge, and one that requires an interdisciplinary approach. Cooperation, coordination, communication and capacity building will be required. In other words, a One Health approach will be required. EFSA and its sister institutions will work together to provide this much-needed coordinated scientific advice. We are working on this. If we work together, we will become even stronger!”

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Europe faces increasingly complex and frequent threats to health and well-being, which serve as a reminder that human health is interconnected with the health of animals, plants and ecosystems. Masu. It is now widely recognized that responding to these threats requires the adoption of a One Health approach that recognizes the need for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration across human, animal, plant, and ecosystem domains. . A biotic community combined with abiotic elements (air, water, mineral soil, etc.). A healthy ecosystem is a perfectly balanced system in which animals, plants, and microorganisms live in harmony with the environment. health.

The One Health approach has gained significant relevance in the European Union and is reflected in the ambitious goals contained in the European Green Deal, the European Health Union and the EU Global Health Strategy. However, many challenges remain in translating this concept into action.

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