Patients, staff and refugees discharged from Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza

Patients, staff and evacuees have left Gaza’s largest hospital Health officials announced on Saturday that only a small number of soldiers would be left to care for the incapacitated and the Israeli military to manage the facility.

The World Health Organization has described Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital as a “death zone” and called for a complete evacuation, Agence France-Presse reported.

Israeli army attacks On Wednesday, they searched the vast al-Shifa hospital complex and remained there, searching floor by floor and room by room for evidence of Hamas fighters and the group’s underground command center. U.S. officials have said they also have evidence of a Hamas headquarters, but military groups and hospital officials deny this.

Israel’s claims that Hamas has infiltrated civilian areas and hospitals are central to its justification for the massive military operation launched after Hamas’s devastating October 7 attack on Israel.

On Saturday, the military announced that it had been asked by the hospital director to assist those who wish to leave the hospital through a safe route. The military said it had not issued any evacuation orders and that medical workers were allowed to remain in hospitals to assist patients who were unable to travel.

But Medhat Abbas, a spokesman for the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip’s health ministry, said the military had ordered the facility to be evacuated and hospitals had been given an hour to let people out.

Patients and healthcare workers photographed at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City on November 10, 2023.

AFP (via Getty Images)

After the evacuation appeared nearly complete, Shifa physician Dr. Ahmed Mohararati said on social media that around 120 patients remained who could not be evacuated, including patients in intensive care and premature babies. , myself and five others said: Doctors remained to treat them.

It was not immediately clear where those discharged from hospitals went, and 25 of the Gaza Strip’s hospitals were crippled due to lack of fuel, damage or other problems, according to World Health Action. The remaining 11 hospitals are said to be only partially operational.

The escape from Gaza City’s Al-Shifa Hospital comes as internet and phone services have been restored in the Gaza Strip and a telecommunications blackout that forced the United Nations to halt the transport of vital humanitarian aid as it was unable to coordinate convoys. It happened on the same day that it ended.

Israel continues to escalate its attack on Gaza City, with the military warning in Arabic social media posts that residents of the two eastern and northern districts and the urban refugee camp of Jabaliya must be evacuated for safety. did. announced a temporary suspension of military operations to allow them to leave. Israel’s defense minister said earlier this week that the military had completed an operation west of Gaza City.

CBS News photographed with Israeli troops inside Al Shifa Hospital

Attacks continued in the southern Gaza Strip, with at least 26 Palestinians killed in an Israeli airstrike that hit a house on the outskirts of the town of Khan Yunis, according to a doctor at the hospital where the bodies were taken. Another 20 people were injured, said Dr. Nehad Teima of Nasser Hospital.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his weekly media address Saturday night that Israel was sending two fuel trucks a day to Gaza to prevent disease outbreaks.

Israel has made little comment about individual attacks, saying only that they were targeting Hamas and trying to avoid harming civilians. Many Israeli airstrikes also kill women and children.

Prime Minister Netanyahu Israel said Thursday it would make every effort to complete the operation in Gaza “with the minimum of civilian casualties.”

“That’s what we’re trying to do, to minimize civilian casualties, and unfortunately we haven’t succeeded,” Netanyahu told CBS Evening News’ Norah O’Donnell. The failure of the military’s efforts was squarely blamed on Hamas. “A theological and insane cult,” he said, accusing them of deliberately trapping Palestinian civilians behind the fighters and using them as human shields.

Most of Gaza’s population is now evacuated to the south, including hundreds of thousands of people who answered Israel’s call to evacuate Gaza City and the north to avoid getting in the way of a ground offensive.

President Biden called for a two-state solution in an op-ed in the Washington Post on Saturday, saying, “The international community must commit resources, including interim security measures, to support Gaza residents in the immediate aftermath of this crisis.” wrote. “It is essential to establish a recovery mechanism that sustainably meets Gaza’s long-term needs and to ensure that terrorist threats never again arise from Gaza or the West Bank.”

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