NCDHHS Local Health Department Celebrates 50th Anniversary

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Division of Local Health celebrated 50th anniversary November 16 — This day was also National Rural Health Day.

The clinic served 618,070 patients in rural areas of the state during fiscal year 2022. There were 240’s allkeep more healthy We are based in a rural area of ​​North Carolina.

The office’s economic impact totaled more than $53 million in fiscal year 2022, of which $25 million was paid in compensation to employees.

Maggie Sauer, Office Director, Said This office was the first of its kind in the nation.

They run training programs for healthcare workers – Community health worker training — After attending community college in North Carolina.

In October 2014, NCDHHS launched the Community Health Worker Initiative to help rural communities train and find health care workers who can provide services in rural North Carolina. As a result of this effort, North Carolina Community Health Worker Summit Policy makers, community members and health workers came together to work Towards rural health solutions.

“As a nation, the United States faces a shortage of primary care workers in nearly every rural area of ​​the country.” “The North Carolina Rural Health Research Program’s deputy director, George Pink, said: Said.

According to the 2023 North Carolina Rural Health Snapshot. 40% live in rural areas They are more likely to be uninsured and eligible for Medicaid expansion, which goes into effect on December 1st.

“The federal government has all kinds of programs and loan repayment programs and things like that to encourage primary care physicians and others to settle in rural areas,” Pink said. Said.

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